ATM/Check Cards

No more worries about forgetting the checkbook or running out of checks. The American Heritage Bank Check Card is like an automatic checkbook, accepted even where checks aren’t. AHB’s Check Card works with any personal checking account. The card looks like a VISA credit card, but the money comes straight from your checking account. By using the AHB Check Card, there’s no interest to pay back and purchases appear on your next monthly checking account statement. Get the card that does everything your checkbook can, and more!

Credit Cards

American Heritage Bank offers credit without the hassle. Our Visa has a low fixed rate. When using an AHB Visa for the purchase of goods or services, you can enjoy the benefits of automatic travel accident insurance and ScoreCard rewards!

To report your card lost or stolen after banking hours, please call:

Check Card - 866-546-8273
Credit Card - 800-325-3678