Investing is serious business; complex and time consuming. Few people have the time to keep pace with investments. Our investment professionals can help you develop a strategy to achieve your goals.

Investing for Retirement

What’s more important than planning for your future? Now more than ever it’s important to plan for what you need for tomorrow. We’ll help you sort through the alternatives.

Traditional IRA
Take advantage of tax-deductible contributions and build your assets on a tax-deferred basis.

Roth IRA
The main advantage of a Roth IRA is its tax structure. While you cannot deduct contributions to a Roth IRA, qualified distributions are tax free if you satisfy specific requirements.

Rollover IRA
Easily transfer your current retirement assets into a new account that you have control over, whether you have changed jobs, retired or are receiving a lump-sum distribution from a company sponsored retirement plan.

An alternative to a retirement savings plan, annuities offer the benefits of tax-deferred growth with withdrawal flexibility at retirement, along with a variety of income choices. A 10% IRS penalty may apply to withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2.

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Investing for Education

How will you provide for the education your children deserve?  One of the best gifts you can give your children or grandchildren is a college education without the financial burden of loans they’ll have to repay in the early years of their careers. We’ll help you explore your options.

529 College Savings Plans
Invest a small or large amount to shift a portion of your estate to future generations, or fund your own higher education if you’d like. You’ll have high annual contribution limits, plus tax free earnings and withdrawals, as long as funds are used for qualified expenses.

Coverdell IRA
Formerly known as an Education IRA, these plans allow you to invest tax free up to $2000 per beneficiary, per year, if you use the money for qualified educational costs.

UTMA / UGMA Accounts
These types of accounts allow you to give gifts to a minor including cash, mutual funds, life insurance, annuities and more. Although you are the custodian, the account has the child’s social security number attached to it, providing some income tax benefits.

Additional funding sources
Our investment professionals can discuss other ways to invest for education, including:

  • Life Insurance
  • Zero Coupon Bonds
  • Other IRAs
  • Tax-efficient Mutual Funds

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Insurance to Protect Your Assets

How can you be sure you have enough to fully protect your most important asset – you? Like many people, you probably have insurance to protect tangible assets, like your car and home. Let our investment professionals help evaluate your situation to give you peace of mind.

Term Life Insurance
This guarantees a fixed benefit if the policyholder dies during a set period of time. It is also considered the preferred option to protect your life for a specific period of time (such as until children reach a certain age, or to pay for their college expenses or your mortgage if you should die). Term life insurance may provide the most affordable type of insurance for you. Some term life plans also have a return-of-premium feature.

Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life provides you with a guaranteed death benefit and a guaranteed rate of return on your cash values. You pay a set premium that is guaranteed to never increase. Consider whether a whole life insurance policy will help meet your objectives, such as providing lifetime income for your surviving spouse, estate liquidity, "death" taxes, or funding retirement.

Universal Life Insurance
Part insurance and part asset accumulation, a universal life policy has flexibility and allows you to adjust the premium payments and value of the death benefit. Use the tax-deferred accumulation for college tuition, making a major purchase, or supplementing your retirement income.

Variable Universal Life Insurance
In this type of policy, the cash value may be invested in a wide variety of sub-accounts that are linked to stock and bond portfolios. The flexibility of this policy contrasts whole life insurance, which has fixed premiums. Variable universal life insurance may be an appropriate alternative if you are looking to address your long term insurance needs with an investment component.

Long-Term Care Insurance
The average cost of nursing home care can exceed $50,000 per year. After age 65, Americans have more than a 70% chance of needing some form of long term care insurance (LTCI), according to the American Society of Aging. Long-term care insurance allows you to remain independent and in the life style you've grown accustomed to. Like any insurance product, LTCI allows the insured to pay an affordable premium to protect from an unaffordable catastrophic event. The purchase of long term care insurance varies based upon your age at the time of application, prior and current health conditions, benefits you select, and number of years you want a company to pay benefits.

Disability Income Insurance
This insurance provides the peace of mind that your family will receive income for a specific amount of time should you become sick or injured and unable to work. The amount and time frame of your disability income insurance program varies from individual to individual.

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Retirement Plans and IRA's

More people than ever before are now eligible to take advantage of the incredible tax benefits available through IRAs. There are a number of different types of IRAs, including employer provided plans and individual plans.

Our retirement specialists can work with you to choose the best retirement plan to meet your needs and time-frame.

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Investment Management

When you have significant dollars to invest, you need to be sure your returns are competitive and consistent with your ability to assume risk. Our goal is to help you meet your objectives. We’ll work with you to build a comprehensive investment strategy and save you time and money by reviewing your retirement, estate, and charitable planning objectives.

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither American Heritage Investments nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

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Mutual funds, annuities and other investments:
  • Are not deposits
  • Are not insured by the FDIC or any other regulatory agency
  • Are not obligations of or guaranteed by this financial institution
  • Are subject to investment risk, including loss of principal
  • Are subject to fluctuating rates of return

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